Carlotta Langer

Ph.D. Student
Institute for Data Science Foundations, TUHH

About Me

I studied Mathematics at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and am currently a Ph.D. student at the Institute for Data Science Foundations at the Hamburg University of Technology. There I am working within the DFG priority programm the active self .

Research Interests

  1. Information Flows in Embodied Agents
    The interaction between body, brain and environment of an embodied agent can be modeled by the sensorimotor loop. Using information-theoretic measures we are able to quantify the information flow among the different parts of this system, including measures realted to Morphological Computation and Integrated Information.

    Complexity Measures
    Complexity in itself is not easy to define. The information-geometric complexity measures I am interested in consider a system to be complex if the whole is more than the sum of its parts. This approach makes use of concepts such as stochastic processes, graphical models and conditional independence relations.

    Information-Geometric Algorithms
    The information-geometric algorithms called iterative scaling and em-algorithm can be used to approximate the maximum likelihood estimation in different settings. The latter can also be applied as a learning algorithm for embodied agents. I am interested in studying the mathematical properties of these algorithms.


  1. How morphological computation shapes integrated information in embodied agents
    Presented at the Models of Consciousness Conference 2
    (online, 27. September 2021)

  2. Learning to predict requires Integrated Information
    Presented at the Models of Consciousness Conference 3
    (Stanford, 6. September 2022)



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